We are pleased to inform that we offer business accounts for our customers to get more features for your ride.

Here are the key features of the Business Account

Manage your account:

Here we offer our business customers  an account and then tailor your account to your needs .  You can use your business account for one or more to pickup or drop off your customers and also very useful for families too because if you are busy somewhere then you don’t need to bother to pick or drop someone from your family now just pick up your phone and from your business account book a taxi and pay for it from your card. From our account you can also manage and plan for future for future booking a taxi. You can also check your completed booking, cancelled booking and open booking from your business account.

Budget for account:

You can easily plan for the ride and generate reports from any time interval which you want to view and analyse all your finances, and control the usage of your budget for each one of your employee and restrict bookings for user and limit spending. Budgets can be easily transferred between departments by adding more then one credit cards.

Key Features:

Advanced booking portal to view your business journeys and manage users.

Easy to use and accessible at any time from anywhere.

You can select your favorite place by which you can save your time and on just one click you can select your destination

You can add one or more then one credit cards with your account.

You can create your own profile for booking cab.

You manage your financial report for booking.

All booking made by you are visible to you.

Booking can be made for future purpose too.

Book for employees:

Now you can book and schedule account bookings for you to manage. Using the account you can book many rides on the same time which have been set for your business. Track your car and view all your bookings in once place. Full integrated with the Mobile App so everything is centralized and easy to manage.Employees pay for journeys on your business account allowing you to fully manage there use and the budget

To get your Business Account now fill the form below