23 Oct

Local taxi company based in Darlaston

Linkup Cars is a local taxi company based in Darlaston, setting itself apart from other taxi firms Linkup has very friendly drivers and prides itself in customer service.

Linkup also covers all of Wednesbury and Sandwell with high quality taxis and minibuses.


Being part of the 247 group allows Linkup to provide an unparalleled service in Wednesbury and the surrounding area.

Darlaston is a small district in the Black Country making up a part of the West Midlands County.  Although Darlaston has an 0121 phone code and to all extents and purposes identifies with Wednesbury  in Sandwell, it is actually administered by Walsall Council..  This is a similar situation to nearby Willenhall which has a 01902 phone code and many of the citizens  identify with nearby Wolverhampton, but like Darlaston, Willenhall has wheely bins supplied by Walsall.

This all stems back to  before 1974 when the West Midlands County was established.  Darlaston and Willenhall had their own Town Hall and elected members who governed affairs for the area.

Darlaston Town Hall still exists as a building today in Victoria Rd near the old Police Station which has recently been sold off.

Call today on 0121 526 6969.

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